Teaching Evaluations
by Online Students

This was my first experience with an online course. I have had a favorable experience with this class, and have already enrolled in two online courses in the fall. The course itself has been a fairly seamless recreation of the classroom experience. All participants had a fair opportunity to express their views and ask questions, and the “online blackboard” was an effective tool for the teacher to present ideas and improve or confirm student understanding of the topic. Within two or three classroom sessions I became accustomed to the online environment and speaking into the camera.

I would recommend any course that Adam Rose offers. His patient, close reading approach, his background expertise, his literary perspective, his discussion leader skills, and his sense of humor make his courses both fun and insightful.

I loved the online lesson last week and particularly the teaching style
in which Adam taught it. It felt really inclusive and interactive
despite the fact that we were spread across the world.

Plato is always interesting, but Plato courses not so.
Adam Rose keeps the conversation engaging, with several aha’s along the way.

Adam taught an outstanding class.
The online format works well once you get used to it.

The “whiteboard” support that Adam provides is very helpful
in keeping the important points clear and organized.

Adam is a great online teacher —
voice, control, knowledge, timing, texts … all great.