Orwell, Sartre, Camus

Totalitarianism and Existentialism

This autumn I’ll be offering three private online courses on works by some of the intellectual giants of the mid-twentieth century: George Orwell, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Albert Camus. The courses can be taken individually or as a series.

George Orwell: 1984 and the English Language

4 Weeks Starting September 9

“Condemned to be Free”:
Introduction to the “Existential Phenomenology” of Jean-Paul Sartre

8 Weeks Starting October 7

“In the Midst of Winter, I Discovered Within Me an Invincible Summer”:
Albert Camus’s The Rebel

3 Weeks Starting December 2

Contact me to inquire about costs and possible participation (mentioning “Autumn Courses” in the Subject line).

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