Teaching Evaluations
by Lifelong Learning Students

Adam Rose is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He made me and my classmates think, ask deep questions and discuss ideas which involved deep thinking. Getting to each class was a joy, knowing that Adam would stimulate us to think a new and unique way. We learned to read the text as the author wrote it, not as someone interpreted for us. Every class is an adventure, and the journey is always exciting. We are now reading Nietzsche, and our minds are being blown away. But it is Adam who makes it come alive. I am eternally grateful that he is my teacher. And I know my fellow classmates feel the same way.

When Adam teaches, we learn! He can dissect and explain any text in such a way that I feel I have a handle on the concepts. He never lets the conversation veer off course. He can draw out people’s ideas and he’s a master of Socratic questioning. I’ve never had a teacher who can facilitate a discussion as well or bring more ideas to mind. He makes us think we’ve discovered the ideas on our own and gets our wheels spinning like no one else!

Adam is teaching us how to think, how to analyze literature, how to approach it and ask the right question: What does this author say? And to separate out from that analysis whether or not we agree with it. Further, Adam is helping us draw connections between the periods of history of Western thought. We get to study individual books in all our courses, but seldom see the connections and where particular books fit in the scheme of things.
……….. I greatly appreciate his diagrams of significant themes or meanings in the book, the use of the visual to aid in our understanding. That helps us see the structure and the author’s intent.
……….. His classes are the best part of my week. Frequently, they are just awesome.

Adam runs a class the way I believe the Basic Program is supposed to run. He guides discussion through questions, and he expects us to be able to support our views with references to the texts. He will provide some background information where necessary, but without giving us a lecture. He does this with a good sense of humor and respect for everyone. He is not afraid to curb discussion when it gets off the subject.

Adam invited me to think along with him. Voilà, I found myself also thinking for myself on a number of new levels (perspectives).

Although (for me at least) the reading seemed voluminous, it stretched my study discipline. Often the class interaction with Mr. Rose seemed like a pleasant dinner party with Rose as a host when we all lingered over coffee, cognac and cigars and so stimulating. I never felt remiss if I did not complete the reading, his recapitulation of the assignment was so complete, I loved it.

Adam Rose consistently promotes stimulating and even controversial discussion in the classroom, no matter what the subject matter. He pushes you to think carefully and widely about the material and never makes you feel that your contributions are ridiculous. He has a great sense of humor and fun that make learning and discussing memorable. I have learned a tremendous amount under his guidance but mostly learned how to think more clearly and creatively.

I was struck and impressed by Adam’s total “blankness”, if I could call it that. There was never any hint as to what his religious background is. I was immensely curious as to what, if any, belief system he brought to this class [Lost Books of the New Testament]. None was revealed. That is quite amazing!

I had tried to read the Qur’an in previous courses and on my own — with disaster & amazement that any world religion would adopt such a poorly written & discontinuous work as their principal scripture.
……….. I am now at peace with the Qur’an & see where it is leading the believer. I respect the point of view presented — fear of God & the final judgment — and its relation to the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. I even pick the Qur’an up and read a surah or two when I am in a spiritual mood.
……….. I am appreciative to the instructor for bringing this important text into my intellectual and emotional/religious life.

I resented and enjoyed the classes at the same time. Since I had not had any experience with the Talmud, it was difficult for me to get into the language and the kind of discussion we read. However, today I really appreciate the way you have conducted the class and provided me with answers I couldn’t get for myself. Today I feel I am just beginning to understand what we have been studying.

Adam did a great job with our group because we kept trying to take the text out of the context of the specific plays we were reading. As a participant, Adam’s refusal to indulge our tangent discussions was at first frustrating. However, as he guided us towards the end you could see why this was so important. I very much enjoyed this tutorial and only wish I felt as knowledgeable about the seminar readings!

Very strange material [Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed]. Instructor was excellent at perceiving the general level of the students and thereby keeping most of them engaged with a text that they found dry, obscure and usually objectionable. That was very difficult to do. One of the best, if not the best, teaching performances I’ve seen at Graham School. Outstanding. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the course.

Adam did a masterful job in conceiving and administering the course [Pirsig’s Progress: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance as a Modern Spiritual Journey]. The Platonic writings were an apt complement to ZAMM and the extra time allotted for discussion in the last class enriched the reading experience. Not only was the arc of the course skillfully managed, but the arc of discussion in individual classes was well managed. Adam allowed each student to make meaningful contributions, but he also paced the classes well and provided valuable diagrams to enhance our understanding of the texts. In sum, a great class from a great instructor.

I liked Adam best. He is easy to imitate. By that I mean: When you have an instructor with a strong and effective teaching style and a point of view, it’s easy to parody the instructor, which is a compliment. Adam has his catch phrases: “What does the text say?”, “Who is ‘he’?” He demands precision in the discussion, not “feel good” ramblings.

I feel as if I’ve traveled to a new country or culture and will forever be more aware.

Adam is a fabulous teacher who challenged his class on every level. I communicate more clearly, think more rationally, and explore more deeply as a result of his teaching.

I’ve been coming to classes for more than sixteen years — I found this class thought provoking — made old material new again — what the School was meant to do.

In my humble opinion, Adam Rose is one of the better instructors I have ever encountered — that includes eight years of Jesuit education.

Adam is so detailed when teaching anything and reveals so many things that I would never have discovered without his help. He is also very amusing.

Adam … helped us dive deeply into the material and see ambiguity where we first saw clarity and clarity where we first saw ambiguity.

Adam is one of the absolute best instructors. He “shows up” and challenges our thinking. I prepare more and consequently get more out of the class because of Adam.

Adam raised the level of discussion and pulled everyone in. Just when you think you get it, Adam takes it to another level or pulls a rabbit out of his hat.

As always, Adam manages to make me more aware of salient features of a reading that I miss and that hold the text together. In fact, because of him over the years, I have managed to become a better reader.

Adam challenges students to get the best.

The instructor, simply stated, is great.
The only “improvement” I could suggest is cloning him.

He was one of the most interesting teachers I have ever had.
Reading Plato with Adam Rose as a guide was unforgettable.

Adam Rose made Newton easy.
Mr. Rose is a gifted teacher who makes you think.

Adam was able to make Kant clear and understandable.
Quite a feat. An excellent instructor.

Adam teaches with a twinkle in his eye
and that makes all the difference.

Instructor was a true Socrates.