Introduction to the Qur’an as Literature


Considered the record of the revealed word of God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel, the Quran is the third great scripture of the Semitic tradition and the foundation of all forms of Islam.  In this course we will read the Quran (as well as supplementary readings) to gain an initial understanding of the book, its perspectives on important concepts such as the nature of god and man, divine judgment, prophecy and history, the ideal society, the proper relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims, jihad (“holy war” or “exertion”) and more.  No prior knowledge or experience of any kind is required.

  • Qur’an
  • Armstrong, Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time
  • McAuliffe (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to the Qur’an
TAUGHT: SUMMER 1994, SUMMER 1996, SUMMER 2004, SUMMER 2007, 
        SUMMER 2008, SUMMER 2009, SUMMER 2013, SUMMER 2015,         
        SUMMER 2017, SUMMER 2020, SUMMER 2021, SUMMER 2023