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Along with other faculty members of Great Discourses℠, I will be teaching Great Book Socratic Method courses online at during the term that begins November 2014. Great Discourses℠ is a new venture of mine to make high quality adult liberal education available to as many people as possible. We use innovative web-conferencing software to facilitate live, interactive discussion courses online that operate on the same principles as the traditional, in person discussion courses that I have long taught.

To give prospective students an opportunity to sample an online Socratic Method discussion for themselves, I will also be teaching several instances of a free introductory Great Books discussion class during the coming months.

Registration for Great Discourses℠ faculty-led Great Books Socratic Method discussion courses is open to all adults (and mature teens with parental approval). Participation requires an Internet-connected computer or mobile device with a microphone-equipped headset. Details are available at