Great Discourses℠ Launches!

I am pleased to announce the launch of my latest venture:
Great Discourses℠.

Great Discourses℠ offers faculty-led Great Books Socratic Method discussion courses for adults that are designed and taught by professional instructors to facilitate students’ critical, collaborative, first-hand engagement with one or more classic texts from the Western and World traditions.

Every course is intended to help participants develop a deeper understanding both of the focal text(s) and of themselves — as well of the world of which the text(s) and they are a part.

And every instructor is devoted to the close reading and careful analysis of the text(s) being studied; to the cultivation of students’ critical thinking, critical empathy and collaboration skills; and to the facilitation of individual and collective “Aha!” moments of discovery not easily attained through solitary reading, passive consumption of lectures and programs, or amateur book groups.